The amazing yoga plus weights workout

Sara’s years of teaching biology and health education and her understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology has also led her to develop a unique type of yoga using light weights for added resistance – Yoga Tone & Sculpt(TM).

Yoga Tone & Sculpt TM is a form of exercise using all the classic principles of yoga combined with the use of light weights. Gain all the benefits of yoga together with the added impact of weight training techniques to boost your exercise routine. Traditional yoga stretches to increase flexibility and mobility of the joints while added weights increase the resistance of the exercise to help improve muscle tone and strength just as it would when weight training. The key difference with Yoga Tone & Sculpt TM is while you build power and tone up, there is no loss of flexibility and fluidity of movement. So you’re getting the best of both exercises in one session. The outcome for you is great body tone, longer leaner sculpted muscles, extra flexibility and quicker improvements.

Yoga Tone & Sculpt TM offers so many health improvements:

  • Great cardio-vascular exercise
  • Boosts oxygen intake
  • Massaging effect to the liver, intestines and other organs
  • Stimulates and detoxs the skin
  • Fantastic for reducing low bone density conditions like osteoporosis
  • Improves balance and coordination

Helps you to feel more rooted to the ground and gives a feeling of steadiness
The typical Yoga Tone & Sculpt TM session is incorporated into a usual one hour yoga session. The Tone & Sculpt element lasts only 15 minutes but has the benefits of yoga and weight training sessions three times longer.

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