Yoga and Mindfulness for
Businesses, Charities and Community Groups

Yoga in the Workplace
Corporate yoga packages can be custom-made for you, your workers and colleagues. Working with groups of employees and managers we can bring the convenience of yoga sessions to you on-site, in offices, workrooms, factories, shops and restaurants.

YogaWellbeing has provided corporate yoga for organisations and businesses including Gateshead Hospitals NHS Trust, Proctor & Gamble, PrismTech, Northumbria Probation Trust, Harland Accountants and many others.

Offering a regular yoga session in your workplace can quickly pay for itself by:

  • Reducing work days lost through sickness
  • Increasing employee motivation
  • Improving job satisfaction
  • Increasing productivity
  • Helping attract and retain a high quality workforce
  • Showing a commitment to staff welfare

A weekly yoga session could improve physical and mental health of workers and managers, teach them about relaxation, boost their immune systems and their energy levels.




Mindfulness in the Workplace

Corporate mindfulness packages offer so many benefits to a stressed out workforce, not least a time to relax and create a little space to think and reflect. Mindfulness courses for corporate and business customers can deliver our most popular 8-week course or be custom-made to suit your time commitment and workforce needs.

A standard session is 45 minutes and covers relaxation, breathing, improved concentration and focus. Mindfulness practice is a well known and respected science that helps individuals:

  • Develop greater creativity and resourcefulness
  • Learn better coping skills
  • Become more resilient
  • Establish better team working
  • Improve staff/management relationships
  • Build greater empathy within the workforce

“Great course and a great tutor. Very welcoming and made me feel at ease.”Louise, P&G North Tyneside

Community groups

Community Groups can benefit from yoga classes too. YogaWellbeing works with a wide range of community organisations and charities to secure funding for health and well-being initiatives.

Gateshead Carers, Gateshead Bangladeshi Association, Gateshead Muslim Society, Crossroads Carers, Gateshead Council Sports’ Development are among the groups YogaWellbeing has worked with.




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