Beautiful, simple, mindfulness on your mobile phone.

Mindfulness mobile phone applications designed and created by YogaWellbeing.

Students in YogaWellbeing yoga classes continually asked for a recording of Sara’s voice after relaxation sessions. This inspired Sara to create the AppTherapy mobile phone apps so her students and many others could benefit from her relaxing tones and the easy but amazing exercises she teaches

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Mobile phone apps to help your relax and sleep like a baby…..


Feeling stressed and tired? Relax and re-charge using the AppTherapy’s RelaxApp; a natural, simple way to unwind and refresh. Let go of your worries as you are guided on a relaxation journey that will leave you feeling calm and re-energised. Use RelaxApp anywhere, anytime, whenever you feel the need for gentle relief and pure, uninterrupted relaxation.

12 minutes of pure relaxation.


Lying awake at night unable to sleep? Relax into a good night’s sleep with the AppTherapy’s SleepApp; a natural and effective way to fall fast asleep. Let thoughts of your stressful day float away as your AppTherapy mindfulness mobile phone app takes you on a gentle relaxing journey into a deep and restful sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed ready to start your day!

• A short, simple to use app which automatically switches off at the end of the SleepApp relaxation routine, leaving you to enjoy a peaceful night sleep
• Pause or resume your SleepApp relaxation routine at any point
• For repeated listening to SleepApp you can skip the introduction to go straight into your SleepApp relaxation routine

Sends you to sleep then switches off your phone.

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